Starting off

To start off you should probably try to make a character to use around the wiki. Read and follow the instructions on this page to start making your character. When you're done making your characters form then you just have to wait until an admin approves it. When an admin approves it the first thing you want to do is make a word bubble for your character so it's easier to identify which character you are rp (role playing) in

Making a Word Bubble

What you want to do is first make a page that is named "Template:(First letter or name or however else you want to write the template when writing the Word Bubble)

Then, on that page, copy this into the page, and replace the messages with the appropriate info:

{{Word Bubble

|image = just the image name, again with the .png, .jpg, whatever

|color = top background color

|color2 = bottom background color

|textcolor = top text color

|textcolor2 = bottom text color

|line = middle line color

|fonttype = font

|charname = your character's first name

|charpage = character's name (use proper capitalization)

|cabin = cabin name (i.e. Athena's Cabin)

|camp = camp name (i.e. Camp Half-Blood)

|godparent = name of godly parent

|title = leave this blank unless you know what it is

|time = {{{1}}}

|text = {{{2}}}


Once you've copied and filled this out on the template page, click Publish, and you're done. Now, you're probably wondering how it'll look. Something like this:


Mark -Cabin Athena -Camp Half-Blood


All you have to do is in the comment, write this (without brackets of course):

{{Name of the Template Page|5 of ~ (optional)|Write your message here}}

and your message will appear!

Making your Characters Page

(Will be worked on soon)

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